I'm just happy that 230k has been shown to be physically possible on the
Q68 hardware. When mine comes, I'll test it with my Q68 wifi/bluetooth
dongle. If it works, I might make that the default configuration. I mean,
it is literally 2x as fast.

My serial wifi dongle and GPIO card (details on the QL Forum) will be
available February 14th and cost £39.

For those who don't follow the QL Forum, I am releasing a significant new
item of hardware every week or two. So far, a buck regulator for £7,
Minerva ROMs on carrier boards for £5, the last of the first batch of
miniplanes (now sold out), a Q68 wifi, bluetooth and GPIO dongle with
encryption engine, which can access secure sites, do DNS resolution, and is
working internet on your Q68, Q40 or Q60. A QL version will be available in
probably 2-3 months once more testing is done (but the 9600baud effective
useful limit makes it a bit unpleasant for anything but moving small
amounts of data).

I have two *HUGE* new items coming up in the next few weeks.... :D

All items go on sale February 14th, and will only be sold if in stock,
ready to ship. Flat rate shipping from the US is £10, so this lets people
order multiple items for a single shipping cost. All mail send by tracked
express mail.

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> Hi Fabrizio,
> > Now playing with SMSQ/E sources, according Wolfgang suggestion
> (Thanks....)
> How do you come to the idea your SER-USB adaptor supports 460 kBaud,
> even PC to PC?
> The required RS-232 line drivers are very seldom!
> Peter
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