Martyn Hill via Ql-Users wrote:
> Do we have any understanding of the QL (Minerva) memory utilisation of
> WIN as compared to SDC? I'm thinking about the need with the SDC driver
> to keep container file-size small in order not to consume QL memory too
> aggressively for its (equivalent of) slave-blocks. E.g. for an 
> unexpanded QL of 128k, about 1.5MB container size seems to be the limit
> before you take too much memory to run the machine effectively.

Well, both drivers need to keep the FAT in memory, so the bigger the
container, the more memory you need for that (my 100MB file needs
about 100kb, so you probably want to stay smaller ;). More than 1.5MB
should be possible, though. Slave blocks probably don't really matter


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