Hi Martyn,

thanks for pointing this out, I'll have a look.

I presume that the difference between "targetPth$" and "targetPath$" below is just a typo here.


On 28/01/2018 18:20, Martyn Hill via Ql-Users wrote:
Hi everyone

Thanks to Wolfgang for his work on porting the WIN driver to QDOS and merging with the SDC driver.

As a result, I am now able to mount a number of .WIN container files as WIN1_, WIN2_ etc and in the process, ease the transfer of files from QPC to my QL(s).

Loving it!

One curiosity that I have spotted which worked as expected with the original QubIDE/SDC driver but now throws an error under WIN/SDC is use of RENAME. I've also posted this to the QL Forum, but as I understand WL tends to hang-out here more than there, I'm posting to this list as well:

I'm running Minerva v1.98 on this QL, with the WIN/SDC driver burnt in to the usual 16k ROM slot at 0c000. Using my home-brew file-transfer app, I moved a file over to the QL, as I do all the time from QPC. The app captures the file-fragments via the SERial port in to a temporary file and, once the transfer is complete, renames the tmp file to its final resting place on the SD Card, with a given name. The following worked fine under QubIDE/SDC, but errors-out with the WIN/SDC driver (all else being equal):

   RENAME tmpFile$ TO targetPth$ & fileName$

The variables in question in this case were:

   tmpFile$ = 'sdc1_tmp_1801281611'
   targetPath$ & fileName$ = 'sdc1_RMS_RMS_v4t4k_exe'

The first 'RMS_' in the target file-path is a hard directory on SDC1_.
A WIN_USE 'sdc' appears in my Boot file, prior to running this app.
The error reported under WIN/SDC is 'bad name' and appears the same whether using RENAME from the command line with explicit names in place of the variables and even trying WREN in place of RENAME. I can COPY the tmp file to its new name without problem (i.e. replacing RENAME with COPY and keeping the rest as-is.) I can then delete the original file manually as well. When using WREN, the expected 'Do you want to copy xxx to yyy' prompt appears and the error appears only after accepting with 'Y'.

Any thoughts?
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