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On 06/02/2018 19:31, Norman Dunbar via Ql-Users wrote:
It seems that I managed to upload a PDF file with lots of spelling errors and a couple of bugs in the listings. Sigh! I've taken the liberty of fixing the copyright date as well - thanks Dave.  ;)

I have uploaded a fixed PDF, so the same URL as before applies: http://qdosmsq.dunbar-it.co.uk/downloads/AssemblyLanguage/Issue_004/Assembly_Language_004.pdf

I have also uploaded the source code for the ASMReformat utility - which might save you a lot of typing. You can get that at: http://qdosmsq.dunbar-it.co.uk/downloads/AssemblyLanguage/Issue_004/ASMReformat.asm

Or on github, if you prefer: https://github.com/NormanDunbar/ASMReformat.

If you downloaded that code yesterday, there are two bugs in it that I only noticed yesterday - they don't seem to affect the working of the code, funnily enough, but I'm almost certain that George would have spotted them and give me, rightfully, a hard time!  ;)

Have fun.


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