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> Please, please, please do not "hijack" a thread. Don't reply to a
> thread and change the subject to something completely unrelated.

I agree. That is important. I support your request.

Some times, email users _reply_ to whatever message they are reading,
change the subject and write a message on a totally different topic...
That makes some things more difficult for others, especially on email

All email messages have a metadatum in its header containing the unique
identifier of the replied email, if any. That is how email clients can
sort messages hierarchicaly.  The problem is some web-mail services
(including Gmail), or even some "actual" email clients, thread messages
_also_ by the subject line...  I guess that's why some users are not
aware of the problem.  But threading by subject line is a cosmetic
trick: the real link between messages is still there, in their internal

Of course, sometimes it's necessary to change the subject in the middle
of a thread, but only when the conversation _naturally_ leads to a
different topic.  In those cases, the change helps to identify the topic
branches in the hierarchy. And there's a convention for that:

  Subject: Re: Original topic

  Subject: Modified topic (Was: Re: Original topic)

Hope this helps.

> If you start a new thread by replying to another, and change the
> subject, your threaded topic ends up hidden within the original topic


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