Well caught, Marcel :)
On 27/02/2018 00:00, Marcel Kilgus via Ql-Users wrote:
Martyn Hill via Ql-Users wrote:
Specifically, when receiving via LBYTES (and SBYTES at the remote end),
Minerva 1.97+ on its own receives perfectly, but once the NET driver is
effectively replaced with TK2 (upto v2.23), issuing LBYTES will
completely hang the /receiving /QL - immediately and regardless of
whether the sending end has even started.
I had a quick look and actually this was caused by Lau trying to save
2 bytes. When you look at io_serio_asm

*        moveq   #0,d0           test routine is the first element
         bsr.s   vectest         set up test routine address
         bra.s   callit          go do it

you see that the moveq is commented out because "d0 is 0 anyway!".
Well, except in the case when io_pend is called through headr1, in
this case D0 has some other value and the whole thing will crash.

I hope you can now resume more productive work :-)

Cheers, Marcel

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