Dave Park via Ql-Users wrote:
> As I am working on accelerated boards, would you be willing to outline the
> tuning/timing issues and what code needs editing to achieve correct
> performance?

Well, the code only has the right timing from ROM as RAM is usually
slower. Same would be true for MDV code.

GC/SGC patch the QDOS code in the ROM copy to comply with the timings
and/or come with their special version of TK2 that includes the
different timings.

SMSQ/E comes with timing constant tables in the network code for the
different platforms, though I don't pretend to fully understand
what's going on there.

> How do you test? By successive approximation, or using a
> calculation?

I didn't do anything, I just used the existing code which is known to
work and give it a quick spin. TT calculated the cycles for his code.


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