This is very sad news indeed. At Eindhoven I also showed the first Q40
before it had any operating system, and later the first public
appearance with QDOS Classic. It was there where Tony Tebby approved my
machine and agreed to port SMSQ/E. The Eindhoven meetings in the middle
between England and Germany were classic events that will long be
remembered. Thank you Sjef van de Molengraaf!

Bob Spelten via Ql-Users wrote:
> I am sad to inform you all that Sjef van de Molengraaf passed away earlier  
> this week at the age of 73.
> As long time secretary of the Dutch SIN_QL_AIR foundation he will be  
> remembered by many international QL'ers. He was the driving force behind  
> many great Eindhoven meetings during the 90's and later, until they ended  
> in October 2008.
> He seldom posted on this list but it kept him informed of what was going  
> on in the QL community.
> Our thoughts are with his family.
> Bob
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