Hi Everyone does Menu_rext_english does it work on LaunchPad OK Thankssimon629Simon Foster

Menu_rext is not a required extension needed for Launchpad, according to its page on Dilwyn's site. Launchpad is/has its own file manager and probably doesn't use anything from Menu_rext.

I confirm - Launchpad does not use the menu_rext file selection menus (or any of the other menus) - it has its own file selection menus, for example.

But Launchpad does not object to the presence of menu_rext at all, it is perfectly OK to include menu_rext in the Launchpad boot program for the benefit of other programs if you wish.

At the time Launchpad was written, menu_rext was a commercial software, I would have had to pay a royalty to include menu_rext, so I designed my own file selection menus using Easymenu and subsequently used them in most of my programs. It involves a bit more programming for me, but the benefits are that all my programs use similar menus and I can more easily "tweak" the code and appearance if I wish by keeping the core routines of many of my programs as a "library" of routines I can reuse.

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