Peter Graf via Ql-Users wrote:
>> As far as I could gather in my limited tests, INGOT 5 never worked
>> (which includes the Tetroid) and INGOT 6 worked or at least mostly
>> worked.
> That makes me a little sceptic, because I have one labelled "INGOT 5"
> which worked (with the original driver and not fully reliable).

There are possibly other factors as well, but it doesn't really
matter. The key here is to only sample the lines at a point in time
when you know they must be valid because otherwise the QL would not
work at all.

>>> As for the daughter board, why do you want to re-design it?
>> Using the push-to-eject style daughter boards is a lot cheaper and
>> easier to do than your original design.
> The card socket I used was around 2 € the last time I looked - no idea
> why it should be hard to solder. Well, matter of taste.

That is indeed cheaper than I expected, Reichelt was at 5€ IIRC. The
whole daugther board including SD socket, voltage regulator and
resistors however costs 1,50€ when bought from a reseller in Germany
or 50ct when bought directly in China... so it's not only cheaper but
saves time in manufacturing.

>> Besides, I don't have your original designs ;)
> There is also the option to ask ;)

I'm a naturally shy guy ;-)

Cheers, Marcel

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