Can I bundle it with my WiFi card


and call it WiFiFi? ;)

Only if the answer is "just because :-)


Giorgio Garabello pointed out to me that I had switched off the integrated help system in the version that was on my site. This has been crrected and the new version is already on the site (no version number change).



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I supplied FiFi as part of a licenced software package on the Q60.
Very nice software.
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Thank you. I suppose it is the same version as the one I bought many
year ago from Jochen Merz.

Actually I know one user who has bugged Wolfgang so much that he did a few
updates recently ;) No, it's not me!

Fifi is such an essential tool for me, I've used it at least a million
times to search through the vast sources that are SMSQ/E.

Thanks! Marcel
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