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SMSQ / E with the MACHINE command can detect if Hermes / Superhermes is
present. Is there a way to distinguish via software if it is hermes or
superhermes in order to automatically load the correct drivers?

The method I use is to test the Hermes version:
: LRESPR dev1_IPCexts_bin
: mouse%= IPCVER$()
: IF mouse% =3 : LRESPR dev1_IPCextKB_bin : REM it's SuperH!

The IPCexts are part of the Hermes package, only 356 bytes.
Its Function IPCVER$() returns a string as "1.nn" but we only need the first digit. No Hermes would give "0.00". The IPCextKB_bin is the proper SHermes keyboard driver where KB could be IT in your case.


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