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If those who "wrote the book" on these matters arent able/willing to
pipe up, then we'll have to waste some time R-ingTFBs and doing the
tests ourselves. I'll be back.
"The books" were written so long ago, even the people who wrote them
must usually spend some serious time to answer questions like yours.

Regarding your question in the forum, the internal save area format
always has a "spare" long-word after each line, fuck knows why. So
that is why every line is 4 bytes longer, because it just writes out
the internal format. But it doesn't matter really, the "increment"
field in the file header is what's important, for all it's worth it
can be one 65kb per line and should still work, the field must just
match the data. If you construct a file yourself, use whatever line
increment pleases you.

The fog is slowly clearing :) Thanks for your input. I
assumed anyone "in the know" would just know the answer and
not have to waste precious hours figuring out what was
already known, as I did - and presumably many before me.
Trying to derive the rulesĀ  from the various implementors
proved frought, as it seems that, for pragmatic reasons (or
perhaps to compensate for other's non-compliance) they
mostly have their own rules for outputs and acceptable
inputs. Anyway, once Im certain, Ill write it up, so no one
needs to ask or answer this again.

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