> Does anyone know why the following in QPC2 reports "Invalid Channel ID"
> WINDOW 448,200,32,16
> PAPER #1,3
>> In fact, any attempt to change #1 after the WINDOW command reports an 
> invalid channel.>> I also found some of the character combinations were not 
> working in 
> v4.04 (eg CTRL SHIFT - did not produce a down arrow).
> That also now works in v4.05 but CTRL \ does not produce the left arrow 
> still.     Hi,    I am using both QPC2 4.04 SMSQE/E 3.26 and also QPC2 4.05 
> SMSQE/E 3.31.They both seem to work the same.I cannot replicate any of the 
> errors mentioned, except that I cannot produce the left arrow.    As Dilwyn 
> points out, doing an OPEN #1, would do an automatic CLOSE #1 first, and 
> perhaps that has caused the problems.    > On QPC2 v4.04 here I didn't have 
> to close anything - I just entered the
> two commands above as soon as it started     Perhaps there is something in 
> the Boot file causing the issue?          Michael

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