Hi Wolfgang,

fantastic work, many thanks!

Now all QL hardware platforms QL, GC, SGC, Q40, Q60 and Q68 share the
same, stable filesystem on SDHC cards. And they can exchange it with
emulators on the same medium.

This was my original hope and vision, when I first started with SD cards
on the SGC parallel port and Qx0, first based on mtools, later adapting
the Steinkopf drivers, later the QL-SD interface with Qubide format,
which then again was used for the first steps on the Q68, leading to
QLWA support for all hardware in the end.

I could only pioneer FAT32 and the basics of such drivers, and I'm glad
that I did. But Wolfgang made everything so much more complete and well
integrated. The QL world owes him a big thanks!

All the best

Am 29.04.2018 um 11:40 schrieb Wolf via Ql-Users:
> Hi all,
> SMSQ/E 3.33 is out, get it as usual from
> www.wlenerz.com/smsqe
> What's new in this version :
> Final bugfix for LRESPR in procedures (means everybody should upgrade)
> Better QL networking.
> Gold card is configured not to use ABC keyboard.
> Improvements in standard QL EE.
> Q68 & SMSQmulator better SSSS handling.
> The sources for the stand-alone TK II are included in the SMSQ/E sources.
> Moreover, whilst they aren't really part of SMSQE, the new QL-SD drivers 
> are built on the basis of the SMSQ/E "dv3" driver acihtecture, so their 
> sources are also included in the SMSQ/E sources (remember, the compiled 
> drivers are at wlenerz.com/qlsd).
> If you have a Qx0 machine and access to an EPROM burner, this may be of 
> interest to you : The Qx0 may now have a compressed SMSQ/E so newer 
> versions thereof fit in the standard EPROMs. There is a certain process 
> involved in making these EPROMs - but it is clealy described in the 
> "smsq_q40_boot_doc" or "smsq_q40_boot_txt" files in the SMSQ/E sources.
> Finally, Q68 has better handling of some slower SDHC cards. Also, and 
> that is an officially unofficial and undocumented feature, the Q68 may 
> also be able to read most older SD (not SDHC) cards. However, make sure 
> that this actually works with your cards before using them in earnest. 
> Offficially, the Q68 still only supports SDHC cards.
> Have fun!
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