Hi everyone

In the spirit of double-posting between here and the QL Forum :-) I thought I'd ask my question here, too...

I'm continuing to explore the QL network across a range of platforms - now with my refurbished QXL2 card (thanks, Derek!)

The bit-timings on the QXL under SMSQ/E v3.33 (and also on v2.76) prove to be slightly-out from the nominal 11.2us, resulting in failed/unreliable comms with both my Iss7 QL and my prototype QNET to USB adapter (still a work in progress.)

Given that the timings-constants for the NET device are exposed under SMSQ/E and stored ready for adjustment in the DDB of the NET device, I'm trying to find the base address of the DDB from SBasic.

Any help appreciated!

The original post appears here, with pictures :-)



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