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I made a small Sbasic testcase (SMSQE, not QDOS).

I made a program with procedures all called "abcdefghijklmnopqrt"+ a 5
digit number at the end.

The program starts at line 100, is increased by one and very 12th line a
new 10 line procedure is created. The first statement therein is
"return", so that I don't meausre the body of the procedure. The rest of
the lines on the procdure are filled with "Print".

100 def proc abcdefghijklmnopqrt00100
101 return
102 print
110 print
111 end def
112 def proc abcdefghijklmnopqrt00112

etc, until just after line 30000.

The last procedure then is always

31000 def proc abcdefghijklmnopqrt31000

I then measured how long it takes to call the first procedure and the
last procedure.

Measured with the millisecond timer of SMSQmulator:

calling the fist procedure 1 million times takes 5742 milliseconds
calling the last procedure 1 million times takes 5768 milliseconds
Strange. I wonder whats eating the 26 nanoseconds..
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