I've got a new QLSD driver release which needs some testing, so if
anybody is willing to help there is a ROM and RAM version at


I'm mainly interested in making sure it still works as stable as

There are 4 changes:

1. It solves a small problem with the card auto-detection when more
than one card is used at the same time. Probably few people run into
this with existing single slot QLSD hardware ;)

2. It adds some sort of API so 3rd party software can call into the
driver to have raw access to the card sectors. In case anybody is
interested there is some demo code at


3. The "QLSD is busy" flag moved into the system variables so several
drivers or other software can share QLSD more easily.

4. It checks the version of the hardware and outputs it on startup.
For this to work I added a new register to my hardware that encodes
the version and variant. The original hardware is detected simply by
not having this register.

When the feedback is good I can go forward with releasing the new

All the best, Marcel

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