Subject: [Ql-Users] QL-SD progress

Work on QL-SD is still moving along, the driver has reached version
1.07 and seems pretty stable now:

There is also a new version of the loadable DEV device (or actually
it's the version that already comes with SMSQ/E, compiled for QDOS):

I've also soldered a bit of hardware in my free time in the evenings:

Cheers, Marcel

HUmmm,  when Mechanical Affinity sold stuff internationally we always
marked the parcels as having "repaired" items. Only once I recall did
the customer have a problem, mainly someone in their postal system
took part of the contents, BUT that customer double ordered to hopefully
bypass that problem in order to get what he wanted.

Paul Holmgren
"The apparent lesson of the Inquisition is that insistence on uniformity
of belief is fatal to intellectual, moral and spiritual health."
    -The Uses Of The Past-, Herbert J. Muller
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