That's great news! Thanks Jochen and Marcel for bringing back more and more
J-M-S and QJUMP titles back to life.

2018 is a mixed year for the QL community. Many releases on one hand, many
losses on the other.

I shall add QD to the next release of QL/E. Speaking of QL/E, v3.18
(Codename "Eternity", in memoriam of Sjef, Lee, Stuart and Rick) is out
since August 12th and v3.19 (Codename "On the move)"is in the making.

More info and download here:

QL forever!


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> To celebrate QD's 20th anniversary Jochen Merz gave me the premission to
> release the fabulous QD text editor for free. Enjoy:
> Cheers, Marcel
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