There appears to be some inconsistency in the application of colour components of palettes by different software authors. Im referring in particular to the use of "middle ground". Correct me if Im wrong, but I assumed this option was reserved for use as the strip colour, ie the colour of the text background. Some authors do it this way, while others use the background (ie normally the paper colour) as text background. This can make texts like titles, info texts, and error messages unreadable, depending on the palettes used.

While it is possible to devise palettes that will work in either case, it sort of cramps one's style a bit. And the whole motivation for going to the trouble of devising palettes and systems, one presumes, is to make things simpler, more consistent - less mickymouse.

Unless it is already too late (ie the bug has become convention) it would be great if the next iteration of relevant documentation could firm up the convention that:

background is equivalent to PAPER colour,
middle ground is equivalent to STRIP colour, and
foreground is equivalent to INK colour,

if that is indeed the intention.

Perhaps authors too, would try keep this in mind when releasing updates?


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