Bob Spelten via Ql-Users wrote:
> Per already mentions the jumpy resize behaviour.

I frankly don't quite see what's jumpy about it?

> One point I would like to add now, as a Basic programmer, is the DEFine
> highlight that is not working for FN or FuNction sections.

Again a feature I didn't even know about. And quite obviously this has
never worked but is not too difficult to fix.

I'd prefer if the editor usage would switch automatically to BASIC if
a file with the extension "_bas" wa loaded (correspondingly for
"_asm"), but I must check how difficult that would be.

> For other points I need to check my notes and test them against this  
> version.

Can do, but as a general matter I must stress that me releasing some
software does not mean that all outstanding 20 years old bugs will get
fixed :-o


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