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Per already mentions the jumpy resize behaviour.

I frankly don't quite see what's jumpy about it?

My default QD size is 80 columns by 40 lines, and I like that a size DO makes it maximize the height. But setting a custom width, moving the "size" to the left, is where the right side also moves left. Jochen once explained that size grows in discrete steps but I would expect the right side to be anchored, now full screen can never be reached. It seems that the bigger the move to the left, the more the right moved along with it.

One point I would like to add now, as a Basic programmer, is the DEFine
highlight that is not working for FN or FuNction sections.

Again a feature I didn't even know about. And quite obviously this has
never worked but is not too difficult to fix.

I'd prefer if the editor usage would switch automatically to BASIC if
a file with the extension "_bas" was loaded (correspondingly for
"_asm"), but I must check how difficult that would be.

My numberless Basic is named xxx_bsl so would not benefit.
Usually I start QD through FI2 where the right command flag is added to take care of this.

For other points I need to check my notes and test them against this
Can do, but as a general matter I must stress that me releasing some
software does not mean that all outstanding 20 years old bugs will get
fixed :-o

One can only hope.;-)
Just one more. It sometimes happens when a line is longer than the window and I use ALT-right to jump to the end of the line, the text pans less than needed but the cursor/arrow lands on the right spot, outside the window. This seems more likely to happen when the cursor is already at position 80+.

Last one? Opening QD in read-only mode (\P) lets me pick a block for the scrap but using ^Z to hot-buffer one line is not working. A bug or a missed feature?


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