On 29/08/2018 00:48, Marcel Kilgus via Ql-Users wrote:
Bob Spelten via Ql-Users wrote:
But setting a custom width, moving the "size" to the left, is where the
right side also moves left.
OK, now I see what you mean.

The size is incremented in 20 character steps. There is no explanation
in the code why that is, but as this is the same amount that is used
when the edit window is panned I guess that this is the reason. I
tried removing the restriction and most things seemed to work, but I
found at least a minor bug, so I'm not comfortable lifting that

I can make the bottom right corner stay in place, though. The downside
is that now when you resize less than 20 characters more basically
nothing happens at all, this might be confusing for some users.
A possible compromise might be to round up? If the user indicates he wants to resize by managing to move the resize sprite more than half way to the next size increment, that is taken as a valid resize request (provided there is room enough). Just a thought..
Jochen once explained that size grows in
discrete steps but I would expect the right side to be anchored, now full
screen can never be reached.
Ususally it cannot be reached because the maximum line length is
exhausted before the maximum screen width.
Im not sure I understand what you mean here. QD comes pre-configured for a maximum line length of 160 char, so that should allow for a window width of at least 960 pixels

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