Hi folks,

last day of summer 2018, a summer where I experienced so much. One if not
the greatest summer I ever had.

After I turned 50 just days before the summer started, I inhaled my
once-in-a-lifetime 5 weeks US road trip.

Normally summertime is a QL free time for me and many other QL folks. But
this summer was different.

The US is considered widely as a QL free zone, but in the end I had some of
the best meetings with QLers ever. See Highlights on my blog (Google+).

Before the trip I edited and published the story of MIRACLE SYSTEMS/Stuart
Honeyball based on video material of the Italian QL enthusiasts (YouTube),
scanned and published all those unique ultra-rare Sinclair-papers which I
wanted to scan for years, plus was finally reading all those unique EPROMs
from Sinclair Research and published their content (sinclairql.net).

During the trip I did release the long lost PM ROM (sinclairql.net).

After the trip I was telling the story of the last remaining early D03 build
standard QL with PM (EP)ROM as an unboxing video (YouTube).

Finally I was able to spend a full day plus some extra hours here and there
on QL/E and was able to release v3.18 (Edition 1808, Codename "Eternity",
last updated 12.08.2018) on the very same day Linus Torvalds released Linux
kernel v4.18. It is pure coincidence that both software reached sub-version
18 the same day.

Those were just my personal QL highlights, there were much more QL
highlights such as the releases of PAWN, QL_SD WIN driver, QD2018 and QL-SD
hardware to just name a few.

Tomorrow autumn starts and I hope all of us will find some quality time for
QL tinkering.

In this sense, QL forever!

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