Thanks everybody, it will take me a while to process all the orders
that came in so far! :-o

Fairly recently I have decided that I will populate the upper SPI port
to allow to connect possible future expansions without any additional
soldering. Problem is, I've run out of connectors... so I've ordered
more, but they will take two or three work days to get here from the
US, which means the next boards will probably ship Thursday at the

All boards also now come with a free plastic chip prying tool to
prevent the QL from taking some screw-driver related damage.

Thanks to Tobias for testing the new version and the subsequent
glowing review :-) I have invested a LOT of time into making this
thing as perfect as possible and I'm glad that it shows.

And yes, also thanks to Wolfgang for writing the first driver! Without
it I would probably not have done what I did.

Cheers, Marcel

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