I have QPC2 v4.05 on my W10 machine, which is connected to the Internet.

The QPC2 boot file is in WIN1, which is on a button. There are other WIN files.

Recently the WIN1 file could not be opened. The reason was that it was named 

I have an earlier version of QPC2 on a W7 machine, which is never connected to 
the Internet, and does not have WINZIP loaded. It has the same WIN files as the 
W10 machine. The WIN file from that machine was copied onto a flash drive, and 
it was checked to be in QPC2 format before the drive was removed.

The drive was then inserted into the W10 machine, and immediately the WIN file 
had become WIN.pdf.

The situation was cured by uninstalling WINZIP on the W10 machine. and 
recopying the WIN1 file.

When WINZIP was downloaded I do not recall selecting any settings which would 
cause it to change the extensions of resident files, which is what appears to 
have happened, but memory fails with age.

Colin McKay
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