File access key: Don't know of any software that uses this.

For "data space" you didn't read far enough: It"s in the next sentence:

"In the case of file type 1, the first longword of type-dependent information 
holds the default size of the data space for the program." - The data space, if 
applicable, is in a long word at $6. "File type dependent info" is not used for 
anything but the data space, to my knowledge (even if it could, for 
non-executable programs).

"backup date" can be used by backup programs to store the date and time of the 
last backup. It is not used by the system.

"reserved" is, well, reserved, and not used for anything.


> Am 28.09.2018 um 00:27 schrieb Giorgio Garabello via Ql-Users 
> <>:
> On QDOS/SMSQ reference manual (Section 7) I've fond the following
> informations:
> Each file is assumed to have a 64-byte header (the logical beginning of
> file is set to byte 64, not byte zero).
> This header should be formatted as follows:
> $00 long file length
> $04 byte file access key (used by third parties software)
> $05 byte file type
> $06 8 bytes file type-dependent information
> $0E 2+36 bytes file name
> $34 long update date [EXT,DD2]
> $38 word version number [DD2]
> $3A word reserved
> $3C long backup date [DD2]
> File access key .... what is that?
> File type   dependant info above
> word reserved......for what?
> Backup date?????
> other question...where is the dataspace? maybe the "File type   dependant
> info"?
> thanks in advance
> Giorgio
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