QED v2.02 has been released and can be downloaded here

New features

- The RC command can now be used to load a file in cooked mode. It is
equivalent to the R command, except that CR/LF line endings are converted
to LF and TABS compressed or expanded according to the TAB compression
and expansion settings.
Note that both R and RC commands currently do not accept a filename
containing spaces as parameter. These files can be loaded by using the R
or RC command without a parameter and then entering the file name at the
'File Name:' prompt.

- Help file didn't mention the F6 key (toggle Auto Indent), F7 key (toggle
Word Wrap), F9 key (toggle TAB expansion), and F10 key (toggle TAB
compression). Their status is now shown in the status line.

- The manual has (at last!) been updated for version 2.

Bug fixes

- Using the R command without a file name caused QED to crash with an
invalid file name. It now asks for the file name as expected.

- After using the QF or XF command, the status line was garbled.


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