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> In the header file we have the backup date field from what is not used.
> Can not be used to insert us from file creation date?

Wouldn't this break any backup software?
I've written HARDBAK back in 1989 which uses this backup date to determine
if files have changed since the backup.
And what do you mean with 'file creation date', the date when the file was
created on the medium or when it was last updated?
In Windows (and probably Unix too), when you copy a file the creation date
on the copy will be set to the date it was copied but the update date will
be the same as the original (at least when using cp -p on Unix). Thus when
you copy a file which was last changed 20 years ago, the update date on the
copy will be 20 years behind the creation date!

It's a pity that many copy utilities (like TK2's WCOPY and IIRC QPAC2's
File utility) don't preserve the update date when copying files. Many of my
source files I lastly touched more than 30 years ago got their time stamp
smashed to somewhere in the new millennium :-(.
(Yes I know you need V2 drivers to avoid this, but these have also been
around since 1990 or so).


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