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> Hi Giorgio,
> but the applications can change any part of the header, especially if the
> user has DJToolkit, Turbo Toolkit, TK2 etc. So should we stop using file
> lengths, data space, file types etc?

Of course no.
But  i never keep in my mind to use a "public" fieds to store applicative
dependant info.

> Not once has my own backup system been compimised by any application
> writing to the header, nor have any of my users, since 1989/1990, ever
> reported a problem. I think it should be safe.
> And speaking as a Database Administrator, what makes you think that a
> separate database is any safer - anyone could change it.

There'a big difference between an intentional  write ( i want to use  YOUR
DB,) and a casual overwrite (oh sorry, we are using the same field)  don't
think as  DBA, thinks as a user that install a lot of sw on his system
without know how these works.
Of course this is only philosophy :-)

sorry for my bad english

> Cheers,
> Norm.
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