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Op 18/10/2018 om 11:44 schreef Giorgio Garabello via Ql-Users:
QTImage is out
you can download the software from this page:


Added new Pixel filter
New 3D mosaic filter inserted
Inserted frame tool
Added toning management
Added tool darken tone
Added tone lightening tool
Added low-relief filter
Inserted filter identifies edge

here some screenshot:

Have a nice day.

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Hi Giorgio,

I tested qtimage-1-4 last night and I noticed that the border thickness I mentioned a few months ago hasn't been fixed.

You told me that it is a 's_wsa' bug. I can't confirm nor infirm that, but there is an easy way to avoid QTimage to crash when entering a border thickness of 0.

A border thickness of 0 is synonymous with no border all all.

So, after pressing OK, test the value of border thickness first. If it is 0, close the menu without launching your 'border thickness routine', as if you had closed the menu with the 'close icon'.... and QTimage will not crash.

I had a peek at  the Black Phoenix 1.5. It seems promissing. Will it be useable with SMSQmulator?

Have a fine weekend.


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Sorry. Was intended to be private mail.

François Van Emelen

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