> Hi Giorgio,
> I tested qtimage-1-4 last night and I noticed that the border thickness
> I mentioned a few months ago hasn't been fixed.
> You told me that it is a 's_wsa' bug. I can't confirm nor infirm that,
> but there is an easy way to avoid QTimage to crash when entering a
> border thickness of 0.
> A border thickness of 0 is synonymous with no border all all.
> So, after pressing OK, test the value of border thickness first. If it
> is 0, close the menu without launching your 'border thickness routine',
> as if you had closed the menu with the 'close icon'.... and QTimage will
> not crash.
I think I missed your report of the problem, I put it in "things to do" for
the next release

> I had a peek at  the Black Phoenix 1.5. It seems promissing. Will it be
> useable with SMSQmulator?

I do not know, I did not try it with smsqmulator,
If ipnet works then then all the rest will work (I hope).

It would be something to try. Giorgio
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