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1. Launch PWfile (smsqumatator)

2.go to 'directory' and replace 'winx_ 'with ''nfax_'

All files in that device  should be visible now. My question is :Can you see them?

I don't see anything in SMSQmulator but I do see them in QPC2.

I hope this clarifies my question.

Thank you for your reply

Have a fine day,

François Van Emelen

Hi Francois,

I have just tried PWFile on SMSQm8 but I can see the files and can open them.
Are you sure you have a valid NFAx device and not renamed NFA to DOS?
By default PWFile selects only those directories that are configured in ProWess else you must edit the device by hand.


Hi Bob,

You're right, replacing 'dos' with 'nfa' followed by a reset solves the problem.

But then my next question is : why is 'nfa' OK  and  'dos' is not OK?

Sorry for the delay,  problems with my mailing server.

Have a fine day.


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