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Thanks Rich.

Bob Spelten jr. has kindly sent me zips of Prowess apps PFlist and PWfile, which have been added to the Prowess (I suppose more correctly I should say ProWesS which is how PROGS used to type the name) page on my site at http://www.dilwyn.me.uk/prowess/index.html

So FSearch and PWSbasic seem to be the remaining apps to find now.

If you mean the basic interface.... that's part of Prowess .

I'll send you FSearch  tomorrow. if you send me your Email address.

François Van Emelen


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I attach an email correspondence I had with Joachim van der Auwera back
in 2013 about the status of the other ProWess programs.

I knew that communication in the QL world was slow... but 5 years before we are informed about this is very slow.

You will see that he stated that they were all made open source so any
missing programs from the suite can be sent to Dilwyn for uploading to
his website!



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Hi Joachim,

The released versions of software I seem to be missing is:


I know according to the site, there is supposedly stuff on
ftp://triathlon98.com/pub/ProWesS (anonymous login), but I can't access it!


On 31/10/2013 20:58, Joachim Van der Auwera wrote:
I is all (and has been) open source (GPL IIRC) for a long time.
Unfortunately though, I am unsure whether I still have sources (other than what is on the site) in a recoverable way. It seems the backup disks I have are next to useless because my IOmega ZIP drive no longer functions. ZIP disks have been sent to Urs K�nig who is trying to recover them.

Kind regards,

On 10/31/2013 01:20 PM, RWAP Software wrote:
Hi Joachim,

I hope you are keeping well.

i know that ProWesS was released into the public domain some time ago, but it is not clear what the position is regarding your other software:


Whilst the sources are provided for things such as the DataDesign BASIC engine, the actual compiled version is not available on your site.

I was wondering if all of these are now public domain, or whether you wish to retain them as commercial programs?

Certainly it would make sense to offer the download of the BASIC engine for DataDesign....

Kind Regards

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