Marcel wrote:
> Does anybody know who has the source code to QMac? The Quanta version
> doesn't look like simple patches to the GST binary, so I guess somebody
> have had it at some point. I'd like to make a few small updates myself.
>From my records Phil Borman maintained the QUANTA edition of QMAC (latest
version 1.06) and QLINK (latest version 1.03). From memory I've met Phil at
one of the QUANTA workshops in the early 1990s.

QL/E has QMAC and QLINK latest versions installed and ready to use (e.g. to
compile SMSQ/E or Minerva).

I did quite some research in the first decade of the 2000s, resulting in the
release of the GST QL software archive in 2010.
Dilwyn re-published most of this on his website.

I was trying to find the sources of all the GST software, updated QUANTA
editions of QMAC and QLINK in specific. All my tries (through QUANTA,
sending emails to all documented addresses of Phil) failed and I stopped
seeking exactly 5 years ago.

Unfortunately nobody seems to have the (latest) sources. A former GST
employee (Martin Dickens) recalled on 2009-10-21: "I seem to remember many
years later, and on Jeff's behalf, preparing a copy of the source code and
project files for the QL User's Group which spookily turned out to be in the
small town in Northamptonshire that I was dragged up in - in a building I'd
walked past everyday for 14 years on my way to school. There was a small fee
charged which didn't cover the cost of preparing it, in true Jeff
'barrow-boy' fashion. :-)"

Phil Borman not only maintained QMAC and QLINK, he wrote many other nice QL
software. Saving and sharing the source code would be a great Christmas
present to the QL community.

There must be anyone here or on qlforum who knows Phil personally, have or
find his contact details and can give him a call. Or at least share the
contact details. Anyone?

I wish you all a nice Advent time and Merry Christmas. All the best to you
and your families.

QL forever!

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