Urs Koenig (QL) via Ql-Users wrote:
> I was trying to find the sources of all the GST software, updated QUANTA
> editions of QMAC and QLINK in specific. All my tries (through QUANTA,
> sending emails to all documented addresses of Phil) failed and I stopped
> seeking exactly 5 years ago.

I've last had contact with him in the year 2000, but the adress is not
valid anymore (I guess he let it lapse and some domain hoarder picked
it up as the current one was registered in 2003).

According to a 2013 freedom of information request he's still
registered with this address as a dentist with the Department of Health

I found an eMail adress for the practice, but I didn't try contacting

In the meantime I've disassembled QMac into a state where it can be
altered without messing up any pointers and data structures.

Cheers, Marcel

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