All those programs work on the QL side or Windows side ?

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There are some utilities out there such as Tony Tebby's DrvCheck and DrvLink
(see on Utilities page on my site

There are a number of programs out there which MAY prove useful, such as
Wolfgang Lenerz's Wined which may
prove useful, plus programs such as QxlWinReader on same page and another
qxl win reader whose name I've forgotten (QXL.WIN explorer?) which may be
able to "explore" the content even if not actually able to fully recover the

This all depends on the nature of the corruption of course. **Always** read
instructions of such programs carefully and if possible consult with other
users for their experience before you embark on anything. It is only TOO
easy to cause further damage and render any chances of recovery even smaller
than before.

All of my QXL.WIN failures over the years have been covered by backups or
use of Tony's programs on a couple of occasions when the backups were
unreadable back in the days when my backups were on CD and Iomega zip

Easy for me to be wise after the event obviously (sorry if that causes
offence Renato), but of course Simon's advice is best - always backup, since
it is so easy to copy a QXL.WIN somewhere as a backup since it's just a
normal (if rather large) Windows-style file.


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Yes All ways Back up your win file to Dropbos
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Is there anyway to recover a corrupted Qxl.Win ?
I cannot open it in QPC2.
Best regards
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