Hi Norm,

> > Sounds good. I could compile qxltools, but that was long ago. My concern
> > are image sizes over 16 MB and some strange characters in the
> > commandline output.
> What problems do you have with 16MB files? I presume you mean that the 
> qxl.win file is over 16Mb, and it's not a problem of writing something 
> that big into a qxl.win?

Yes, I mean QLWA image sizes over 16 MB, not file sizes.

> I don't see any weirdness on the command line output though. I'm mainly 
> on Linux which might be helping.

More on the Windoze side here.

> Can you give me an example of how to reproduce the problem(s) you are 
> seeing? I've just created a 20 MB qxl.win with no problems. (So far!)

Unfortunately not right now, and my memory is vague. I think that 
all issues were gone with 16 MB and less. My next image size step 
was probably 32 MB, not just 20 MB.

It could be, that just recompiling the latest qxltool source with an 
up-to-date compiler and library makes the issues disappear.


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