Thank you Ever so Munch Bob  you no where you said about the Startup theme  Do 
mean   does it auto adds a Line in the Boot of QDT  and or so can you now save 
your theme in QCoCo  or do you still use end boot and save your the  Like your 
told me in the Past.SuQcess207?
Suq207E I think there is a Error Bob  because auq207E_obj on my own Version Of 
QDT it comes up a  Like a RED BOX Saying Error .  Have you got a Dropbox 
Account  you no my Email is S....6@s.comcan you Just Check the suq207E_OBJ for 
any errors OK Thank's Bob simon629
    On Thursday, 7 February 2019, 13:23:38 GMT, Wolfgang Lenerz via Ql-Users 
<> wrote:  
 Hi Bob,

thanks for these!


> Hi All,
> I have updated some programs on my site.
> SuQcess2 is now version 2.07.
> Not many new features but lots of internal improvements.
> The Sort Key can be set from the DATA menu.
> Bug in locating the edited and sorted record from View is fixed.
> Better detection of Read-Only media.
> Updated ReadMe and Help files.
> QCoCo is now version 1.63.
> Supports the new binary _thb files next to the ascii _thm theme files.
> APPLY needs a Confirm or Undo action.
> RESET can reset the current theme or to the startup theme.
> A new Theme Viewer (by PJW) is included showing the colours and hex 
> numbers.
> Incomplete themes should not crash the program and are automatically 
> completed through the SYNCHRO option.
> Invalid, referenced and 3D items are marked when Viewing the colours.
> Can be started with a theme as CMD$ which overrides the config item.
> Updated ReadMe file.
> Happy QLing,
> Bob
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