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Thank you Ever so Munch Bob you no where you said about the Startup theme Do mean does it auto adds a Line in the Boot of QDT and or so can you now save your theme in QCoCo or do you still use end boot and save your the Like your told me in the Past.

QCoCo does not add lines to your BOOT file to load a theme.
This you must do yourself.
In the latest QLE-QDT you sent me (Jan '19) there is already a line that loads theme zero.
: 6710 EX win1_app_Qcc_setconf_bas;'win1_app_Qcc_Themes_deftheme_thm,0' :
(the line number may differ somewhat from your current BOOT file)

If you want another theme as default, edit that in QCoCo and save it under the same "deftheme" name or change its name in your BOOT file. If you want all 4 themes to be change at startup you should change the above line.
: 6710 EX win1_app_Qcc_setconfall_bas :
But you also need to edit this _bas for the path and file names of the 4 themes you want.

Suq207E I think there is a Error Bob because auq207E_obj on my own Version Of QDT it comes up a Like a RED BOX Saying Error . Have you got a Dropbox Account you no my Email is S....6@s.comcan you Just Check the suq207E_OBJ for any errors OK Thank's Bob simon629

I have also ran v2.07E in your latest QLE-QDT but did not get any red box.
You should PM me with more details about this.
Exactly which error message was produced and what actions did you do that lead to it.

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