Dilwyn Jones via Ql-Users wrote:
> Recent versions of SMSQ/E from about version 3.00 feature high colour and
> high resolution screens along with the new Window Manager.

So "recent" being within the last 16 years ;-)

> The downside of using wallpaper on a high-colour system is the amount of
> memory it takes. On a 16-bit colour system such as QPC2 each pixel needs two
> bytes of memory, so a 1024×768 pixel display in mode 32 or 33 could need up
> to 1,572,864 bytes just to hold the uncompressed wallpaper – at the time of
> writing SMSQ/E does not support compressed wallpaper screen images.

Technically SMSQ/E never had the concept of a background, the
wallpaper is just a window that cannot be brought to the front. And as
such it needs the same amount of memory every full-screen window needs
for its save-area. This was even true if you set the background to a
plain colour!

For v3.00 I at least implemented true plain-coloured backgrounds so
that they do not need any additional memory but are drawn on-the-fly.

> Download the Wallpaper software and a few example graphic files from
> http://www.dilwyn.me.uk/graphics/index.html

Nice one, thanks.

Cheers, Marcel

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