What seems to be the problem? To me the only "problem" seems to be one or two small inconsistencies:

DMEDIUM_TYPE returns -1 on DOS devices (the underlying iof.xinf call suggests: IOI_FTYP $2C Byte Format type (1=qdos, 2=msdos etc) but -1 is arguable..)

The other relates to iof.xinf directly, but that is not wired up to any DMEDIUM_ command, namely: IOI_HDRL $28 Long File header length (per file storage overhead) - which returns 512b on DOS, while all other devices return 64b. The inconsistency here is that 512b doesnt relate to the actual file header size, as I always assumed was the intention..

Those two points also differ from SMSQmulator's NFA device, which returns the "expected" values, ie 2 and 64, respectively.

Just my penny's worth..

On 06/04/2019 12:55, François Van Emelen via Ql-Users wrote:

There seems to be a new release of QPC2 in the pipeline.

It would be very useful if someone would/could debug the 'DMEDIUM_XXX' functions.

Have a fine day,

François Van Emelen

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