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pjwitte via Ql-Users wrote:
DMEDIUM_TYPE returns -1 on DOS devices (the underlying iof.xinf call
suggests: IOI_FTYP $2C Byte Format type (1=qdos, 2=msdos etc) but -1
is arguable..)
Oh, that actually is a bug. It's supposed to be 2 of course. I have
translated the code into C last weekend and thus already fixed it
without even knowing that it was broken.

The other relates to iof.xinf directly, but that is not wired up to
any DMEDIUM_ command, namely:
IOI_HDRL $28 Long File header length (per file storage overhead) -
which returns 512b on DOS, while all other devices return 64b. The
inconsistency here is that 512b doesnt relate to the actual file
header size, as I always assumed was the intention..
Looks like the structure is somehow offset by some bytes, as that is
also supposed to be 64.

I was thinking more about the line of DMEDIUM_RDONLY and
DMEDIUM_REMOVE. This is a bit more difficult to check but I think I
got the most common cases now at least.


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