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What seems to be the problem? To me the only "problem" seems to be one or two small inconsistencies:

DMEDIUM_TYPE returns -1 on DOS devices (the underlying iof.xinf call suggests: IOI_FTYP $2C Byte Format type (1=qdos, 2=msdos etc) but -1 is arguable..)

The other relates to iof.xinf directly, but that is not wired up to any DMEDIUM_ command, namely: IOI_HDRL $28 Long File header length (per file storage overhead) - which returns 512b on DOS, while all other devices return 64b. The inconsistency here is that 512b doesnt relate to the actual file header size, as I always assumed was the intention..

Those two points also differ from SMSQmulator's NFA device, which returns the "expected" values, ie 2 and 64, respectively.

Just my penny's worth..

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There seems to be a new release of QPC2 in the pipeline.

It would be very useful if someone would/could debug the 'DMEDIUM_XXX' functions.

Have a fine day,

François Van Emelen


As my programming skills are limited to some easy basic, I can't argue about "DMEDIUM_TYPE returns -1 on DOS devices (the underlying iof.xinf call suggests: IOI_FTYP $2C Byte Format type (1=qdos, 2=msdos etc) but -1 is arguable..)"

I noticed some months ago that some DMEDIUM-functions returned wrong values (see SBASIC/SuperBASIC Reference Manual Online Documentation Release 4.0.1 Rich Mellor).

Not only wrong values but also differences between Smsqmulator and Qpc. And as there is a new release of QPC in the pipeline, I thought it was right time to try to convince Marcel to do some work on those DMEDIUM-functions .

You could try this in QPC and SMSQMULATOR to see the difference.

90  REMark test for for some dmediium_xxx functions
100 OPEN_OVER#3,'ram2_rdonly_txt'   ::datad_temp$=DATAD$
110  REMark Why does 'dmedium_rdonly(\dev$) return 0 instead of 1
120  REMark Why does 'dmedium_type(\dev$) return -1 instead of 3
130  REMark Why does 'line 240  return  -23  WITH qpc2 (which seems correc)t BUT -7 with SMSQMULATOR
140  dev$='dos3_' :d$=DATE$
150 REMark DOS3_   is an external USB CD DRIVE
160 DATA_USE 'dos3_'
170  fichier$=dev$&d$
180 WHEN ERRor
210 d= FTEST(dev$)
220 IF d<0:CLOSE#3:DELETE 'ram2_rdonly_txt' :DATA_USE datad_temp$:STOP:END IF
230 f=FOP_NEW(fichier$):
240  PRINT#3,240,' f=fop_new(fichier$) = ',f
250  PRINT#3,250,'dmedium_rdonly(\dev$) = '; DMEDIUM_RDONLY(\dev$),'rdonly' ,' 0= Read/Write 1=Read Only' 260  PRINT#3,260,'dmedium_type(\dev$) = ', DMEDIUM_TYPE(\dev$),'type'  ,'0= Ram disk : 1= floppy drive :2= hard disk :3=CDrom drive'
270  PRINT#3,270,'dmedium_name$(\dev$) = ', DMEDIUM_NAME$(\dev$) ,'name'
280   CLOSE#3
290 DATA_USE datad_temp$  :PAUSE

Thanks for your reply..

Have a fine day.

François Van Emelen

Hi François,

I tried your program with different devices, this is what I found:

                        ram1    flp2    win1     dos1/nfa1 win3 dos3/nfa3

f=fop_new(fichier$)      4       4       4 -7         4        -7*
dmedium_rdonly(\dev$)    0       0       0 0         0         0
dmedium_type(\dev$)      0       1       2 2         2         2
dmedium_name$(\dev$)     RAM1    MyFlp   Syst   NFA DRIVE 1 Pics   NFA DRIVE 3

QPC2 (V4.xx)

f=fop_new(fichier$)      4       4       4 -23**      4         4
dmedium_rdonly(\dev$)    0       0       0 0         0         0
dmedium_type(\dev$)      0       1       2 -1         2        -1
dmedium_name$(\dev$)     RAM1    MyFlp   System C:\ Pics      Temp

* The reason NFA file returned -7 here is because the : in the date got translated to " on the drive: April 9th 2019 17:06:51 -> April 9th 2019 17"06"51, so it
couldnt find the file it had just created!

** -23 => Access denied on system root. DMEDIUM_RDONLY reported 0..

The  problem doesnt, IMHO, lie with DMEDIUM_xxx. Its down to the various driver implementations. It would, of course be good if the various drivers could all behave in a consistent way. With QPC2 and SMSQmulator there is still hope, but for many other systems, like the Falkenberg HDD interface (ref the SBASIC/SuperBASIC Reference Manual) that boat has probably sailed.
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Thank you for your extended testing and comments. As I no longer have a reliable floppy drive I couldn't even use those DMEDIUM_xxx functions for it.

In line 140 I replaced d$=date$ with d$="readonlytest.txt" for a more conventional file name. Line 240 still return -7 with SMSQMULATOR. This seems to tells that the the translation of Date$ is not the lone respondsible for returning -7 . The difference is perhaps due to the 'implementation' of SMSQMULATOR. I so, the bug could/should be called a feature. Hope Marcel will find a solution.

Thank for your help.

François Van Emelen

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