I've been doing some tests with the Q68's serial port.

It's well known that it doesn't support flow control. So this means that if
you receive data at, say, 38400 bps or higher, you need a buffer large
enough to hold all the incoming data to give the Q68 a chance to digest it
(for example to write a BBS page to the screen or save a block to SDcard).
I know that the Q68 uses external interrupts to transfer incoming data from
the UART to the input buffer so this shouldn't be a problem as long as the
buffer is large enough.

I noticed that at 38400 bps, the Q68 could keep up with a page of ANSI-BBS
graphics in QL MODE 4, but missed out in display mode 6 (512x384x65536). So
I'm wondering what the size of the Q68's input buffer is under SMSQ/E.

I also noticed that the SER_BUFF command which can be used to set the
buffer size in SMSQ/E is present in the Q68 version, but it always gives a
'not found' error message irrespective of the arguments I specify.
Is this a bug or a 'feature''?


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