Op 17/07/2019 om 21:38 schreef Dilwyn Jones via Ql-Users:
Thanks to Bob Spelten, an update of the BMP graphics converter is now available 
from the Graphics page on my website.

Version 1.04 fixes a problem with conversion of Mode 33 images on Q68 (and 
probably Q40/Q60 too), which could result in incorrect colour conversion due to 
incorrect interpretation of the I bit.. The Files menu could go wrong when 
there was only one executable or relocatable file in a directory in the 
previous version. And the default pixel sizes of the Mode/Size menu defaults to 
0 for X and Y, which could cause problems if not manually changed, so now 
defaults to 512x256.

Download the v1.04 update from http://www.dilwyn.me.uk/graphics/index.html

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Thank Dilwyn and Bob.

François Van Emelen

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