Can someone confirm what happens in line 220?

In a menu created with Easaymenu (Easyptr) there is a Loose Item to allow the menu to be moved.

Configuration A: the key for that Loose Item is CRTL E, seems to be the default value.

Configuration B: I replaced the default key with value 77 (‘M’) for Move.


200 SELect on ObjectHit

205 = -1:Remark do something

210 = -2:Remark do something

215 =- 3:Remark this is the move Loose Item

220 :Remark do something


With Configuration A, WM_movemode 0,1,2,3 can be used but line 220 is never executed. Why?

With Configuration B, line 220 is executed but only WM_movemode 0 (the old way, using the “move window” sprite) is available. Why?

Is this a feature, a bug or am I missing something?

Help and explanation are welcome.

François Van Emelen

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