Absolutely. The "Sinclair QL for everyone" page now on Facebook has a lot
of people always eager for hardware.

I may even be interested in the RomDisq... Which capacity model?

Darren Branagh

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> While the mood is with me, I manage to get through a box or 3
> that has been tucked away for years.
> Decided I could tackle the task once again the other day, and
> after the first box, settled for a smaller one as the last one today.
> FOUND:  Knew I had the stuff, but a 'one of the top 10 life
> disasters' interrupted the using of these and I never returned
> to QL'ing like I used to.
> 1:  Aurura COMPLETE, still in its padded envelope
> 2:  ROMdisq, Complete also.
> Neither of these have been used once bought new.
> Any market for these?
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