Currently there's one of the earliest QLs ever built for sale on ebay (item
283703938454, bidding starts at GBP 150; BTW: I'm not the seller, nor
related to him, nor will I bid for it*.). The QL on auction has serial
number D02-001058. This is a damn early serial number, looks like the oldest
QL still around!

I've seen pictures of D02-001059, but that's one after it.

I own a handful of early QLs (build standards D02, D03 and D04), such as
D02-001071 with a date label 15 Mar, D03-001108 (from CCH; with EPROMs)
D03-001123 (the one from Paul; with the PM EPROMs), D04-001276, D04-001305,

A rather old web page explains a bit the story of QL build standards &
serial numbers:

Wonder what old QLs are still around?

I wish you a nice and cozy advent and Christmas time, QL forever!

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